We Go Stable - Application for riding schools and stables


WeGo Stable is a system created mainly for educational group control. It keeps track of important information relating to group events, such as student groups and resources allocated to them. The system consists of the following components:


Customer registry

Customer information such as home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses can be saved to the system. Each rider can be assigned their skill level aswell as height and weight information. Using this information, a courses participants can be filtered by, for example: their skill level.



You can add clubs to the system, and configure their members. You can also set discounts on course payments for members if you so wish.



Horse/resource registry

You can save company resources to the system. that all participants can use. The resources can be, for example, horses or equipment. The system keeps a record of resource usage.

From reports you can see wether some resources are used more than others, or if resources aren't used much.


Horse registry

You can assign each horse their owner in the registry. You can also add feeding instructions, aswell as single events like

  • Visits to the veterinarian
  • Shoeings
  • Medications

The system also keeps track of a horses training. Training types can be added by the administrator themselves and bills can be formed from the trainings to the owner of the horse. All of these events can be seen at a glance from the horses information, aswell as the event calendar.




It's possible do deliver messages through the system to individual people, members of a single group, a day, or all the groups of the week at the same time.

The message can be delivered via text message, email or/and through social media.

You can define rules for a stable which are then shown in the system and embedded on a website if needed.




Through the system it's easy to collect participation data. With one click you can form a bill in PDF-format from the data, which can be delivered via mail or email. Each individual persons bills are logged, and you can confirm payments.



Group information and weekly calendar

The idea behind the system is to form groups for weekdays, which are made up of teachers/instructors, participants, and the required resources supplied to participants as necessary.



Printable listings

It's possible to print out a single days group list from the system, in which are listed all the days groups, their members and the resources allocated to them. For use on notification boards for example. The members' contact information can also be printed as a list if needed.


Timetables for your website

Timetables can be embedded on the company's home page or a digital notice board in a group space for example. The list is allways fetched fresh from the service, thus negating the need to upkeep multiple lists for different purposes.

See live example at Vihdin Ratsutalli!


Accident reports

Accidents can be logged to the system. Through the reports it's possible to monitor accidents and collect statistics on the time, resources and participants of the incidents. It's possible to add pictures related to the incident. From these it's possible for the system to determine the time of the accident.




It's possible to log the competitions organized by the business/community, their competition classes, participating external and registered users as well as resources and their participation numbers. You can print competition lists and later review the positions of each resource/person. 





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