Data Center Services


We have a comprehensive selection of Finnish cloud service partners. We also produce some services by ourselves, but the biggest part in the cloud is produced by Finnish top partners.


Why do we want to provide our customers with Finnish cloud? We believe that it's safe and reliable. If a problem occurs, getting help is easier and straightforward, and there's no translation problems in communication. If you find the choice between the different services difficult, you can ask our staff for more information, we will be happy to assist you in finding the right service.


All services are delivered in ready-to-use condition and we take care that the service will remain operational throughout the contract period.


Maintenance services


Computers, servers and network devices


With a flat-rate, packaged service, we maintain the company's computers and network devices at no extra cost. Fixed price makes budgeting easier and you will always know what your company's IT expenses are.


You can also acquire the equipment as a service so that it automatically includes the necessary maintenance services for the entire contract period.


Development projects


If you require more of a one-time thing, we also provide project-based consultation and expert work. Whether your project is large or small, we get the skilled staff to carry it for you. We have implemented a multitude of different projects, some examples include server and workstation virtualization projects, AD Level-ups, transferring emails to the cloud, network infastructure reforms and cloud based file sharing.


We are happy to give a quote for your project!


financial services


We provide financial services for ICT investment. Corporate finance can be utilized for individual equipment as well as entire projects.


Why rent ICT hardware and software?

By using ICT equipment and software leasing the acquisition costs can be spread over time, this way the company can avoid large initial investment. By leasing, you can release funds for the company's day to day business. Renting software licenses enables you to keep up with development or change to a better product as technologies advance.


Advantages of renting ICT equipment:

  • Expenses can be anticipated and budgeted
  • Investment decisions are easier
  • Rent-deductible for tax purposes
  • The company does not need to stress funds on ICT investments
  • Easy returns of items at the end of their life cycle
  • The possibility to purchase the equipment at the end of the contract period
  • The funding of extra acquisitions with the same contract is easy
  • Software doesn’t expire


Contact our sales team to find the right financing option for your company!



You can order an application from us according to your needs. We’ve produced multiple smart applications for the digital age.

Request a free quote for your application.




From us you can get all the necessary equipment so you can take full advantage of our services. We have chosen the best suppliers based on our own experiences, so that we can offer you a wide range of the best and affordable IT equipment.




We offer everything for modern communication, from devices to support. Ranging from conference rooms to public spaces as well as internal and customer communications.




Today a website is the company’s most important marketing tool, and without one the company doesn’t “exist”. The yellow pages have changed to Google and websites, which is why accurate content and the appearance of a website is crucial.



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