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We Go Practise - Service for sports associations and stables

WeGo Practise is designed to manage company's or association's educational groups time and resource allocations, and provides one-site notification channel for the participants. The web service consists of these features:

Customer register

Customers' contact information (like address, phone number, email address) can be stored into the service. Each rider can be defined with his/hers skill level among with height and weight data. Group attendees can be filtered using these parameters.

Resource (like horse, gaming gear) register

Resources (like horses or gaming gear) can be stored into the service. You can allocate the resources for each group attendee and monitor the usage statistics to see which resources are used more than others.

Horse Registry

With Horse Registry you can give details of your horses, like owners and registry IDs, manage feeding schedules and keep track of events like

  • Vet visits
  • Shoeing
  • Medications and vaccinations

Service can also keep track of horse's trainings: You can add your own training types and generate invoices to the owners. All events and trainings can be seen on a weekly base either by horse or by stable.


You can keep tracs with clubs and their members. If desired, group members can have discount from payments.

Notifications to group customers

You can send messages and notifications to the group members. You can choose to send SMS message, email, and/or via social media, and you can send the message to single user, whole group, one day's groups' members or whole weeks' groups members with a few clicks.

Stable rules can be written to the system. Whenever the rules change, the notification will be shown to every user and they have to read them in order to dismiss the notification. Notifications can also be shown embedded in your web site.

Invoices and Billing

Each attendee's participations can be collected from the service. With a few clicks you can create an PDF invoide that you can deliver to recipient via email or regular mail. When the customer has paid, you can mark the invoice as paid.

Group information and week calendars

The basic principle of the system is to create groups on weekdays. These groups can consist of teachers/tutors, attendees and optionally a resource set to teach attendee.

Printable schedules

You can print the day's group list or attendee's phone numbers from the service. The group list is designed to fit on one A4 sheet and contains groups' teacher(s), attendees, title, time and resources (if defined).

Embeddable weekly schedules to your website

The weekly schedule is possible to embed onto your website or electric info board. The list will be obtained fresh from the service so you do not have to update separate lists.

Check the example fromVihdin Ratsutalli website!

Incident reporting

Incidents can be stored to the service. Via reports you monitor occured incidents and gather statistics about the epochs, resources and participants from the incidents. You can attach photos directly to the service, the service determines the exact time the incident happened.

Contest management

Also the contests can be managed via the service: You can construct the competition, their classes, paricipants and resources and their contest number. You can print out the contest lists and gather statistics about the resource and attendee.

More information

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