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Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are renewed at a tremendous pace. There are already a number of interesting solutions to make life easier for different devices and a with a variety of connection interfaces. Large screens are also entered at a rapid pace, leaving the projectors in the shade.

Now we have available a wide range of different sized screens, which can be equipped within even the biggest meeting rooms. A new feature is the wireless workgroup and presentation solutions, which can be present on all devices wirelessly without the problem of finding appropriate connections.

Reforming conference venues begins with going through the number of premises needing renewals, estimating sizes and user wishes. We provide you with the competitive quote for overall service including equipment and installation.

Commercial and information displays

What would be the purpose of these screens? Should it display commercials, provide information to staff or visitors, or something other?

Who would see and watch your displays, and where?

What kind of material do you want to show on displays?

Ready-to-go devices directly to you

At first we shall design together the displays' sizing, displacement and amount of units. You will receive a competitive quote for the whole service, including devices and installation. We will deliver (and install - if needed) your displays just where you want.

Devices are easy to use

We will educate the users and help you get started with your contents. After that you are able to share your own material to these displays with ease.

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After the project all you can just enjoy the results of your powerful information network!

Voice and Phone systems

Does your company have a need for recording phone conversations? Do you need more specific reports how the calls are being answered? Do you want to connect the telephone system as a part of your company's CRM? Has your Service Center settled down to last millenium? Can't the mobile switchboard support your company's communication needs?

If you answered yes at least one of these questions, we can offer you an solution that can defeat those and many more challenges.

We can deliver reliable Avaya messaging systems as ready-to-use solution.

We'll start the project together by determing the necessary needs and features. You will receive a competitive quote for the whole service, including devices and installation. We deliver (and install -if needed).

Website development and hosting

Web pages are company's business card. When your company has updated the website?

We can renew your website with refreshed look and we can also host your site with afforable prices. We are also a registered registrar for the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.