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Equipment and Applications

From us you can have all the necessary equipment from which you can take full advantage of the services.We have chosen the best suppliers based on our own experience, so that we can offer you wide range of the best and affordable IT equipment.

Handle the desks and people - We will supply the rest!

Servers and Storage

Trough us you can aquire the server equipment from small to large needs. Servers are available from several manufacturers, and also as cloud based service.

For through the servers from small to large. The servers are available from several manufacturers, and also the machine room service provided. Physical server manufacturers in our range includes HP, Fujitsu, IBM and Lenovo. Server selection covers devices from small units that can fit under table to rack-mounted blade server rack. Considering the storaging options, we can deliver top quality network storage and backup devices from these top-of-range suppliers - Also with ready-to-use solutions.


We represent most of the manufacturers that we believe makes the most high quality computers. In company environment, it is crucial to have firmly operating equipment and a support that does not let you down. Even the smallest downtime can mean lost in revenue, so the reliable operation of terminals is important. The main partners of terminal manufacturers are HP, Fujitsu and Lenovo.


You can obtain a comprehensive supply of software from diffrerent manufacturers from us. Among others, our catalog consists of Citrix, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Arcserve, Veeam and VMware softwares. We can supply the software as installed and ready-to-use. Here is just a few examples of our wide spread of supply - ask more if you did not found what you are looking for.


We deliver high-quality network solutions for well-known online vendors, products and services. The heads we represent: HPE, Cisco, WatchGuard and Aruba. Utilizing the wide product range of our suppliers we can establish a safe online environment that will serve your company for years to come. All network products and services can also be prepared ready for your use.


We represent F-Secure and TrendMicro high-quality and easy-to-use security products. These partners can be used to create a secure operating environment in which the user does not have to worry about the safety of their own data.


Of course there has to be some way to get the produced documents out to paper. We sell HP and Epson printers. Both manufacturers are known printer manufacturers and their wide range of available printer will certainly fullfill every need.