IT Professionals At Your Service


Although the company is young, Data Prof Ltd's posse has tens of years’ experience in the IT sector. We decided to go with a clean slate and pick up all the best practices according to what we have experienced over the years on the road. At the same time we started to think how Data Prof would be able to serve its customers in the best possible way flexibly and regardless of location.

We concluded that the network services will bring the much-needed flexibility, but we believe that personalized service is just as important to us.You can hook us up easily by phone or e-mail. Each of our employees will serve customers in the best possible way. We are a flexible and reliable service organization for your business needs.

Data Prof is a new era of ICT Service Company. We want to utilize cloud-serviced services in our own solutions as well as solutions offered to customers as much as possible. This allows us to produce solutions that adapt to the customer's situation and needs.

We try to productize our services as much as possible, so that their purchase and using is quick and easy.

For whom?

We serve corporate customers and public administration. Customer number of personnel does not matter, all customers are equally important to us.


Data Prof Oy

  • Established in 2015
  • Staff 9 people (7 system experts, one vendor and one administrative person)
  • Locations in Salo and Vantaa in Finland
  • VAT Number: 2661767-4